Acne can be a painful, long-lasting and distressing condition, affecting the areas of the body that produce oily sebum; namely, the face, back and chest. It is characterized by red, pus-filled spots which either break out onto the surface of the skin or remain underneath, forming painful cysts.

Acne occurs when there is an increase in both keratin production, which forms the outer layer of the skin, and sebum production by the sebaceous glands. Together they cause a blockage to form in the pore of the sebaceous gland, providing an ideal environment for the proliferation of the bacteria Proprionibacterium acnes (or P. acnes) which normally lives harmlessly on the skin. The result is an infected, pus-filled spot. In teenagers, the increase in keratin and sebum is a result of the effect of increased testosterone during puberty, while adult acne appears to be related to other hormonal fluctuations or stress, which in itself causes hormonal fluctuations.

At Andresa, we tailor the treatment of acne to the severity of the condition as well as the likely causes and exacerbating factors. Advice on nutrition and supplements is usually required as one of the initial steps in the treatment, as well as acne-specific facials and products developed by Dr Danné Montague-King. Treatment of scar tissue from long-term acne is also tailored to the individual.

The consultation process if very informative, helpful and non-pressurizing when making decisions. I particularly like the calm and supportive environment that Andresa Aesthetics has set up and everyone is always so friendly.”
– Emma – February 2019