ClearLift 4D Laser Facelift

Andresa was one of the first UK clinics to take delivery of this ground-breaking, non-surgical anti-ageing facial treatment

The ClearLift 4D Laser Facelift is a non-invasive, pain-free laser treatment that gives truly outstanding, instant results on both fine and deep facial lines, including around the lips and eyes. ClearLift 4D firms the skin by increasing the formation of collagen and elastin, strengthening the skin’s architecture from the inside whilst still allowing natural movement. The result is firmer, tighter, plumper skin and a clearer complexion.

Treatment benefits:

  • A more youthful appearance without surgery
  • Lifts and tightens
  • Firmer, plumper skin
  • Increased volume and smoothness, with a reduction in deep lines
  • Clearer complexion
  • Ongoing results for many months after treatment
  • Natural-looking results