Laser Tattoo Removal

Get the past out of your present

Our laser tattoo removal treatment uses the Harmony XL Laser, which fragments the ink particles of the tattoo, allowing them to be absorbed and then expelled by the body. A minimum of four treatments are required at eight-week intervals but further treatments may be required.

Although most tattoos can be faded effectively, there is no guarantee of complete removal. The quality of the ink, the colour of the pigment in the ink, and the quantity and density of the pigment used, all dictate the degree to which the tattoo responds to treatment. Small, black or blue-black amateur tattoos using low-quality ink respond better than the high-quality dense ink of different colours that typify professional tattoos. Similarly, cosmetic tattoos, often referred to as semi-permanent make-up, can be difficult to eliminate completely if pink, flesh-coloured pigment is contained within the ink. Traumatic tattoos, from gunpowder or shrapnel for example, are usually more superficial and therefore respond well to treatment.