Hair Removal – Alkaline Wash

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The Danné Montague-King (DMK) alkaline wash system is used to treat fine, downy hair on the face, neck, arms and thighs. It is a pain-free hair removal treatment, specifically for fine hair covering a significant area. The high alkalinity of the solution is used to dissolve the hair and destroy the underlying follicles.

Some of the hair removed will grow back at its normal rate at first, but as treatments progress, the regrowth rate will slow down. Hair does not become any coarser after treatment.

Folliculitis can also be treated with the alkaline wash system. This usually occurs on the neck area of the male beard or on the back of the arms and legs, causing dry,red spots.

Treatment benefits:

  • Reduces fine, downy hair
  • Pain-free
  • Large areas can be removed in one treatment
  • Can lead to permanent hair removal
  • Uses natural, botanical ingredients