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EMSELLA in the press
08 August 2022

Poor pelvic floor strength and urinary incontinence are as common as they’re embarrassing. It is a condition which can affect us at any age or stage of life. It is a myth that only women who have given birth suffer from this, though certainly it helps! Chronic constipation can also take its toll. Most of us just put up with it and resign ourselves to a life of Tena Ladies and being careful when we laugh/cough/sneeze/run/jump/just about anything.

Pelvic floor dysfunction is when we’re unable to correctly relax and coordinate the muscles in our pelvic floors to pee or to have a bowel movement and can also be the source of pain during sex. Although we use humour to mask our embarrassment, it really is no joke. It can severely affect the quality of our lives and limit the activities we undertake. It won’t kill us, but it is certainly lifestyle-limiting.

Covid 19 Safety Measures
09 February 2022

Although we have always prided ourselves on our exceptional hygiene standards, we would like to tell you about the additional measures we are taking to ensure safety for all:

We would like to make the following requests of you:

Inika Off to a Flying Start
09 December 2021

We’d done our research and knew that Inika was a top-drawer make-up range, but launching any new line is always a risk, so we’re delighted to report that you’re loving it as much as we are. On 23rd November, two of Inika’s make-up artists were in the clinic giving free makeovers as part of our Teal Tuesday celebrations so our clients got to see for themselves how effective 100% organic, vegan and cruelty free make-up can be.

Inika has the strictest natural ingredient criteria of any makeup and skincare brand in the world and use only the finest botanicals and pure minerals which are proven to nourish the skin. With no silicones, parabens or nasties of any description and enriched with potent antioxidants to protect your skin from environmental stressors, Inika proves that you can be kind to your skin and honour the planet at the same time. Well, we’ve all got to do our bit!

The Gift of Great Skin
09 December 2021

If you’re considering yet another scented candle as a Christmas gift, you’re probably lacking inspiration! At Andresa we’ve taken the headache out of finding the perfect present with our Boxed Gift Certificates. What could be lovelier than getting to choose one of our fabulous skin treatments, luxury skincare products or something from our new make-up range, Inika? They all actively contribute to skin health and a glowing complexion, so It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

We also have gorgeous stocking fillers with our mini skincare gifts from as little as £5, £10, £15 and £20, so whatever your budget you can give them something you know they’ll love.

Improve your skin
09 November 2021

Most of us think the key to great skin is great products. And high-quality products do help, make no mistake. But often we’re not getting the most out of our hard-earned products because we’re falling down on the most basic step of all – cleansing. It amazes me how many ‘new to Andresa’ clients are often skipping this vital step at night then wonder why their skin isn’t glowing or their acne not clearing up.

Whether your concerns are ageing, acne or sensitive skin, its health and appearance can be transformed with a thorough night-time cleanse using a hot flannel. A simple cleanse with the appropriate cleanser and a hot, moist cloth helps to remove dirt, bacteria, stagnant products and dead cell build up. The hot cloth is mildly exfoliating too so not only do you end up feeling lovely and clean, but your night-time products get the chance to work optimally, really penetrating the into the lower layers of the skin, helping to regenerate and repair the complexion overnight. Personally, I love the ritual of cleansing my skin with a hot flannel before bed. It rounds my day off perfectly and the heat from the cloth relaxes and sends a signal to my mind and body that it’s time to sleep. It’s a habit like any other and one you can easily build into your routine. The payoff is huge. I would no more miss my night-time cleanse than I would skip brushing my teeth.