We have a large number of very satisfied clients who are happy to provide
quotes about their experiences with us.

I had been experiencing increasing bladder incontinence.  It was getting to the stage where I was having to use 2 pads a day.  This lack of bladder control impacted in every area of my life.  I couldn’t run, walk quickly, sneeze or do anything that could trigger my incontinence.  It was getting to the stage where I even leaked when my bladder was empty. However often I changed my pad I was anxious that there might be an odour – and the knowledge that the condition was only getting worse made me very depressed. I had read about the Emsella chair and, to be honest, was sceptical about its results.  After all, I had spent a lifetime being promised all sorts by every kind or type of product on the market and not one had lived up to the hype. But I decided to give it a go – last resort and everything – and, hand on heart, after 6 sessions, I was cured.  I could not and cannot believe it.  To be dry, to be able to get to the loo with no accidents, to be able to walk, to run, to sneeze – all without a vestige of a leak – is a miracle to me.  Its unbelievable!  You might well be reading this and still be sceptical but please take my word for it – it really works! I hope the above truly reflects my joy at the results I’ve achieved.

Sue B.

Excellent client service, caring staff, high quality client care and offering services with the highest integrity.”


Fantastic service, very knowledgeable staff and beautiful clinic.”


Theresa’s obvious enthusiasm in the products, the forefront of science and technology, puts me at ease and makes me feel relaxed and results in an excellent experience.”


I had always looked after my skin but approaching 40 I felt I needed to step up my routine. Had my first consultation with Theresa over a year ago wanting to have botox, She advised me that I didn’t need it yet, and instead said I could achieve excellent results with medical facials and using SkinCeuticals products daily…..and she was right…skin looks great…haven’t needed to have any botox.”


This is the first consultation I have had where I feel someone has actually listened to my needs and provided products and treatments that actually work for me. I really liked the discreet service provided at the clinic and the practitioner was very thorough and I can’t wait to begin my treatments and see the results.”

Amy H

Fantastic welcome, Sue is always bright, cheerful and dependable. Calm, tranquil ambiance. Always put at ease, completely trusting in all Theresa advises and all procedures that are carried out. The results of each procedure are amazing, my skin has never looked so good! This Clinic has been a real find – the staff are so passionate at what they do, it reflects on the treatment they give and the way they treat you.”


The treatments I have received at Andresa are always undertaken in a professional and confidential manner. I always leave feeling pampered and special. I am looking forward to my next treatment.”

Anne B

Thanks to everyone at Andresa Aesthetics for a very thorough consultation, fabulous products and excellent results after treatments. I am really looking forward to my next appointment.”

Beverly B

The staff made me very welcome. My practitioner made me feel comfortable, important and special. I feel the clinic is a haven.”

Carol J